Loynton and Company has recently been shortlisted as one of the best small legal firms in Birmingham and has established links with much larger firms to enable it to have a working partner when it is offered the opportunity of working on major multi- million pound contracts. The link has been established with international firm Shakespeares Martineau, which is one of Birmingham’s largest firms and also has a national and European presence to offer a new and innovative service to Chinese clients. Where Chinese businesses are seeking opportunities in Europe, the two firms together can provide a range of advice and assistance both with their commercial requirements and with the need for language and cultural understanding.

Birmingham, as England’s second biggest city is a major hub for a wide range of enterprise and overseas businesses. Clients find it a great benefit to be at the centre of the country, not only for rail services but for the National Exhibition Centre and the other business opportunities that the Midlands has to offer. As the British economy recovers, firms are already seeing opportunities for Chinese and Far Eastern businesses and investors. Some are working actively to exploit opportunities that exist in the United Kingdom.