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1. Our Fees in respect of Residential Conveyancing Transactions

The costs and disbursements that you incur will vary, depending upon a number of factors, for example, the property price, whether the property is freehold or leasehold, whether or not you are obtaining mortgage finance, where the property is situated, whether you are an overseas client, whether you are purchasing or selling in the name of an individual or a company, whether the property is a new-build, whether the property is listed. Kindly note that these examples are not exhaustive. 

Our residential conveyancing fees will vary based on the above factors, but often our fees are in the region of £675 plus VAT to £2,500 plus VAT.

For a more specific quote, kindly email us with details of your transaction and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

Costs for all conveyancing transactions

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Return (for purchases only) £75.00 +VAT
Company Mortgage (if any) £350.00 +VAT
Individual Mortgage (if any) £295.00 +VAT
Company Search (per search, if required) £25.00 +VAT
Redemption of mortgage (for sales only, if any) £150.00 +VAT

Disbursements for the purchase of a residential property

SDLT liability (please see the government’s SDLT calculator for further information: (a) for properties in England – https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/calculate-stamp-duty-land-tax/#/intro (b) for properties in Wales – https://gov.wales/land-transaction-tax-calculator) Based on property price and your individual circumstances  
Land Registry fee (please see the Land Registry website for further information about their fees: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/hm-land-registry-registration-services-fees#scale-1-fees) Based on the property price  
Preliminary Search fees (approximately) (please note this will depend on the local council’s fees) £400.00  
Official Copy Entries (per document) £3.00  
Official Search (per search) £3.00  
Bankruptcy Search (per name) £2.00  
Mortgage Lender’s e-Portal fee (if any) £12.00  
Registration of Unilateral Notice (if new build) £40.00  
Registration of each Charge/Debenture at Company House (if a company, if required) £23.00  

Disbursements for the sale of a residential property

Official Copy Entries (per document) £3.00  
Seller’s Leasehold Information Pack (if a leasehold property) To be advised  
  1. Our Fees in respect of Commercial Transactions

The costs and disbursements that you will incur will vary according to the type of transaction and the amount of work involved.

For a more specific quote, kindly email us with details of your transaction and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

As a guide, our fees relating to commercial transactions are as follows: –

Grant of new lease and purchase of business From £2,000.00 +VAT
Grant of new lease (only) From £1,500.00 +VAT
Freehold purchase including a business From £1,500.00 +VAT
Taking an assignment of lease including a business From £1,500.00 +VAT
Sale of existing lease and business From £1,500.00 +VAT
Freehold sale or purchase From £1,200.00 +VAT
Licence to Assign (acting for the Landlord) From £1,200.00 +VAT
Renewal of lease From £900.00 +VAT
Surrender of lease From £750.00 +VAT
Advice on lease (no amendment involved) From £750.00 +VAT
Re-mortgage From £750.00 +VAT
Licence Agreement From £750.00 +VAT
Authorise Guarantee From £500.00 +VAT
Rent Deposit Deed From £350.00 +VAT
Rent reviews (per hour) From £250.00 +VAT
  • Our Fees in respect of Immigration Matters

Our fees in respect of immigration matters will vary based on the amount of work involved. 

For a more specific quote, kindly email us with details of your immigration matter and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.  Alternatively, kindly arrange an appointment with us so that we can discuss your case with you and inform you of our costs and what the process will involve.  Such a consultative appointment will be charged at £100 plus VAT for the first half hour.

Our fees are often in the region outlined below: –

Visitor Visa (each) From £1,000.00 +VAT
Settlement – Set (O) From £1,500.00 +VAT
Citizenship – Form AN From £1,500.00 +VAT
Tier 1 Investor From £15,000.00 +VAT
Tier 2 Skilled Workers From £2,000.00 +VAT
Tier 4 New Point System for Students From £1,500.00 +VAT
Spouse/Partner Visa From £1,500.00 +VAT
Immigration Appeal (option 1) From £1,500.00 +VAT
Immigration Appeal (option 2) (per hour) £250.00 +VAT
Sponsor Licence Application From £1,200.00 +VAT
Sponsor Letter (per letter) £250.00 +VAT
Dependent Visa Renewal From £1,500.00 +VAT
  • Wills, Probates & Trusts
Will (for one person) £200.00 +VAT
Will (for a married couple) £350.00 +VAT
Power of Attorney £280.00 +VAT
Lasting Power of Attorney £800.00 +VAT
Probate (option 1) (interim billing is applicable) (per hour) £250.00 +VAT
Probate (option 2) (interim billing is applicable) A percentage of the estate  
  • Matrimonial
Divorce (option 1) (interim billing is applicable) (per hour) £250.00 +VAT
Divorce (option 2) (interim billing is applicable) An agreed fee  
  • Other matters
Statutory Declaration (change of name) £350.00 +VAT
Legalisation of document (each document) (plus disbursements and postage) £250.00 +VAT
Letter from our firm (per letter) From £250.00 +VAT
Verify ID (each person) From £75.00 +VAT
Obtaining Official Copy Entries from the Land Registry (plus Land Registry fees) From £25.00 +VAT
Certify document (each document) £10.00 +VAT
Witness signature (each document) £10.00 +VAT
Swear Affidavit (each document) £5.00  
Swear Affidavit (each exhibit) £2.00  
  • Our fees associated with all matters
Archive fee £35.00 +VAT
Receipt and preparation of Telegraphic Transfers (please note that there may be additional costs relating to monies received and transferred from non-UK bank accounts) £35.00 +VAT